Me,Myself,and I:My World

Hi, I’m Chiara. I thought I’d just introduce myself and introduce you into my life style. I’m all about making a positive difference in the world and influencing people to look at the positive. Ever since, I was a child I wanted to make a positive difference in this world, I just didn’t know where to begin. Then in middle school that changed when I discovered my love for writing. Ever since then writing has been my passion. I write,not only because it is a huge passion of mine,but:but because my words could hopefully influence others to go out and take risks and make a positive contribution by helping others. Writing gives me a voice- a voice to reach out and persuade people to expand their herzions. Aside from my interest in writing and my actions for making a positive contribution to the community,my other main passion is music. Music is my solace whenever I’m feeling low and whenever I need motivation. It keeps my life at ease. I love rapping,singing,and song-writing. When I rap I get to release all sorts of emotion and tension. I even have a stage name,which is CHI-T. I am a major fan of hip hop and rap. It’s always on my mind. I be always spittin dem rhymes. My biggest rap inspirations are: Missy Elliot,Tupac, TI,Emeniem, J-Kwon, Lil’Kim, BOB,Lupe Fiasco,etc. These are the true faces of rap and hip hop. So, you know that I’m a rap artist,rnb artist,and rhythmic pop artist. Not only am I a rapper,but; I write my own songs. Everything I do is all on me,so don’t copyright CHI-T! lol. Anyways, music puts the pieces of my life together;keeps it flowing. If I did not get into the journalism world, I’d definitely go into the music industry to rap,produce, or even be a song writer,or even all of the above. I write because because it widen’s people’s perspective,even if they are not aware of it. So that;s waz up. I’m Chiara/CHI-T. Not only are music and writing my passions, I also swim. I’m on my school’s swim team. I’ve been in love with swimming for as long as I can remember. My favorite strokes are breast and free. I’m fast in the water and swimming is amazing because it gets that sense of aderaline. I have one more major passion, and that is traveling. I love seeing new places, as well as old and getting to experience different cultures. Diversity is amazing because it broadens myself as a whole,not just my raps and writings. So there ya,have it aight.  I love writing,rapping,singing,song-writing,and swimming.It was nice blogging to y’all until then seeya next time. And DFTS!(don’t forget to smile)


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